The Improv Scotland Podcast is – quite simply – a podcast to promote improv in Scotland. Every fortnight, Mark Craig will gather a few talented Scotland-based improvisers and play silly games and perform made-up scenes in the vicinity of a microphone. These will then be presented to you for your listening pleasure!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

11 - King Raccoon

Praise be to Wall! In this episode Mark Craig can barely control the hilarious antics of Pint and a Half - the duo made up of Sam Irving and Will Naameh - as they perform silly made-up scenes and push the boundaries of what is considered comically decent! Listen in wonder as they delve into the seedy rivalries of lycanthrope soap-stars, remark on the prominence of facial hair in Greek mythology and discover the real reason George R. R. Martin is taking so long to finish the Song of Ice and Fire series!

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Music provided by David Devereux!

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