The Improv Scotland Podcast is – quite simply – a podcast to promote improv in Scotland. Every fortnight, Mark Craig will gather a few talented Scotland-based improvisers and play silly games and perform made-up scenes in the vicinity of a microphone. These will then be presented to you for your listening pleasure!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

7 - Kitten Button

The Improv Scotland Podcast goes back to school in this episode as Mark Craig is joined by David Devereux, Kat McKnight and David Pellow  in a very warm room of Stirling University's library for some improvised silliness! We meet Barack Obama's maid and an unfortunately named man in a trenchcoat, make at least one Les Mis joke and get Yo-Bang'd by Ashton Kutcher from the past!

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Music provided by David Devereux!

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